by lionel Solveigh

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I always thought the whole process of releasing songs was too long. Now I wanted to try to record new songs as soon as they were written and put them online. So I wrote these three songs very recently, recorded them in one take for each track (vocal and guitar) and, bam!, here they are.


released September 27, 2014




lionel Solveigh Belgium

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Track Name: I fall in love too fast
Well I heard Chet Baker sing that I fall in love too easily
There must be a part of it that’s true
And I noticed like a tone
Ringing in my bones
And I think I fell in love with you

Well I heard Miles Davis play "I fall in love too easily"
The melody is enough to prove me
That this feeling inside
Is not from my mind
Well it might be I fell in love with you

Can you fall so fast for a cute neighbor or
Your pretty colleague, that girl at the local store
Does the closer you can get to someone
Lead to who you’re gonna be with?
Or should you wait long enough for the one
That’s supposed to be your perfect fit
Well it’s undecided for me
That’s fine

I heard my lips musing "I fall in love too easily"
I know it’s probably true
I tend to see beauty in traits of every face
But it’s you, only you
I fell in love with you
Track Name: Differences
You love the city, I prefer the countryside
You live for your work, my job is only nice
Can my family life combine with an independent wife
You lie on the beach and I need to hike

And the differences you show me
Hit the wrong string in my head
But I’d wish to try that story
Experience life instead

I’m a dreamer, you’re down to earth, it’s fine
You manage your life, I want to explore mine
You’re pretty serious, I feel like a clown
But, hey, we’re both of the sensitive kind

But I kissed you
‘cause I wanted to
And it filled me with joy
It was filmic
And I took the role

Please forgive me if this little song
Brought to mind your long forgotten doubts
You tell me : "it’s right, I’m lost in my thoughts"
dot dot dot

Can I help you now
I feel like I know you better
The paradox still lies
In the chorus I wrote for her

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